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All right, Kinder.  You have two assignments left — a presentation and a portfolio — before the summer arrives.  This post archives the materials you need for them.

  • Document #1 — An overview of the presentation and portfolio requirements.
  • Document #1a — The revised portfolio requirements.  Ignore the second half of Document #1; this details what is required, how it should be completed, and so on.
  • Document #2 — The order of presentations for both classes.
  • Document #3 — A copy of the handout you will complete for each of your peers, once he or she has presented.
  • Document #4 — The Excel sheet containing the wheel graphs you must complete for your portfolio.  Download this file, type in your scores in the appropriate box, and then print.  The graph will be generated for you.
  • Document #4a — A copy of the wheel graph sheet that is compatible with earlier versions of Excel.
  • Document #5 — The letter template for your introduction.  Download it, replace the text as indicated, and print.
  • Document #5a — A copy of the letter template that is compatible with an earlier version of Word.

This should be everything you need for now.  Let me know if you have questions, comments, or concerns.


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Ungrammatical, yet I approve.

In the spirit of similar interpolations, I’d like to update Robert Burns’ “To a Mouse” so that its most famous lines read something like this:

But Mouse, you are not alone,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often askew,
And leaves us nothing but grief and pain,
Because of zombies!

Or perhaps it would work as a rumination on the “best laid schemes of mice and zombies“; after all, zombies do have plans (e.g., to eat brains), and those plans are often interrupted by the cruel winds of fate (e.g., being shot in the head).

On that note, here are changes I’ve made to upcoming deadlines and requirements:


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