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This post will give you your grades on the blog-based discussion held here.  There are no individual point totals, because the grading of these comment streams was particularly complicated — about two hundred comments per post, with all three posts checked in over spring break — but you can deduce your performance from the numbers.

I’ve uploaded your  scores here, in a document that also contains your scores for the linguaphilia and logomisia assignments.  It also shows any enrichment credit you earned by commenting on the CNMA discussion.  You will need your student ID# to determine your grades.

Remember that each of these blogs requires you to complete one entry into your compendium.  Below, I’ve offered general feedback on your performances with the reading portfolio discussion.



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Brian Dettmer: Book Autopsies

During the week of February 1, you each worked your way through the reading portfolios you’ve compiled over the first semester of this year.  The original guidelines were amended to permit texts from more time periods, and you were given two prefatory assignments (see the appropriate links for 2/1/2010 and 2/3/2010 here), before responding to the following prompt:

Choose one of your portfolio texts.  It may not be a text assigned or made available to you in this classroom (although your final portfolio may include some of those).  In a well reasoned essay, convince your peers to replace one of their texts with yours.  Refer specifically to the three guidelines given with the original assignment, arguing that this text satisfies the portfolio requirements—and that it is worth incorporating.

You responded through the comments under Reading Portfolios: February 1 on our course website’s blog.  Now you will respond to your peers’ comments, choosing a text based on the persuasiveness of these miniature essays.  Instructions after the jump.


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