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I was surprised today by the many confused faces that greeted the second part of our final exam preparations.  Since this was the second part—our second day outlining the essay, at least; it’s been two weeks since we began the final exam unit—I expected methodical, focused students.  Students who would know to use the various outlines and guides explaining exactly what to do and in what order.

Instead, 90% of you did not have those guides, your outlines, or any clue how a lesson three days ago—entitled “Final Exam Preparation”—might connect to your work today.  It is as if your final days of school exist in vacuum-locked isolation from each other, and heaven help us if we want you to make connections.  Or do homework.

So I am going to upload and post a copy of each of these steps below.  If you have lost these, here is a little hand-holding.  If you are incapable of organizing these lessons in your mind, here is the order of instruction.  The point value of each step is offered next to the explanation of each portion; you need only recognize that I have given you two extra days to finish your second outline.



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