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Making this one even quicker:

Some of the best and most direct responses to my comments came here.  As you got into your own ideas, you handled distaste (and sometimes disgust) with some skill; it’s hard to articulate why we hate the things we hate, because hatred, like love, tends to overwhelm our intellect.  That’s why most love poetry is so incredibly bad.

(It occurs to me, however, that I might be wrong about hate — at least, that hate may not be as detrimental to articulate expression as love is.  After all, some of the best rap songs ever recorded are designed out of hate.  But that may be for another post.)

Scores are here, next to the others.


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This will be a quick post with one simple goal: to give you your scores on the adversarial that concluded right before break, and to direct you toward the metacognitive journaling assignment that you must complete in reference to your performance.

To put it even more simply, you should load the document below, find your score, and write about it.  Be sure to read this page first.

If you don’t know your student number, it is printed on all official documentation sent from the high school (e.g., your report cards); I can also get it for you, if that becomes necessary.  Here are your scores:

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