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Dunce cap

Ah, the good ol' days.

The cuckoo, as a symbol, relies on the tendency of some variants of the species to take over the nests of other birds, forcing the oblivious foster parent to raise the cuckoos as its own.  I bring this up for a simple reason: I think my students—you, to eliminate any ambiguity—have been replaced with the lazier, more apathetic students of some other classroom.  

You’d known that One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was due on March 8 for over six months.  I fanned that fading ember on February 1, when we returned from midterms.  Yet I went into the weekend of 3/5 all but certain that the majority of you would not be finished reading by Monday¹.  You had given life to an ethical dilemma that plagues me every year: Should I hold them accountable, knowing that (1) it will mean that 60% of them fail, and (2) it will eat into class time we can’t spare; should I allow a minority to carry class discussion for a few days; or should I simply move on to greener pastures, venting my frustration like a frightened squid?



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