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I would like to say, before anything else, how encouraging it was to see so many of you take on this enrichment assignment.  Your presence on the discussion boards of the CNMA site was invaluable.

As to your scores:

I tallied up points, basing them on the same criteria used in every adversarial and in the other three blog discussions assessed here.  You earned more points for responding to other classes’ students, and more for a response that explicitly answered part of the prompt.  I looked especially for evidence that you had spent time with the photos at the heart of this exhibit — not just the ideas.

You earned an enrichment score for crossing a series of thresholds.  At a certain level, you went from 25/25 points to 50/50; by contributing a little more, you jumped to 75/75; and a small group of students — who ought to be proud of themselves — earned 100/100.

Here is the document again.  Your CNMA enrichment grades are in the last column.


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