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Love of language...

It’s time for the language portion of our Language and Composition course to take center stage.  Or as the first of Orwell’s rules might have me rewrite that, it’s time for language to enter the scene and chew a little scenery.  We start with linguaphilia, a word formed from the Latin lingua,”tongue” or “language,” and phila, “dear” or “beloved.”  It means a love of language, of words and phrases, of how we strings together letters and sounds to make meaning—and it is the subject of your next discussion.

Let’s start with the background reading.  This topic isn’t new, after all, and I’ve already given you in this post the first (and arguably most influential) modern treatment of it: George Orwell’s 1946 essay “Politics and the English Language.” We’ll spend time with this in class, and it will inevitably shape how you scavenge in the speech and writing around you for words and phrases.  You’ve also read Geoffrey Nunberg’s “The Decline of Grammar,” a lengthier argument from 1983 that explores the same issues.  After the jump, you’ll find a regular plethora (as opposed to an irregular plethora?) of links to more perspectives, plus your first assignment.



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