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For this adversarial, which ended a few days before your spring break, you spent part of two week discussing two responses to world poverty: Peter Singer’s “The Singer Solution to World Poverty” and Ryan Reynolds’ “Competitive Eating.”  You earned points through class discussion, a set of group responses to questions on rhetoric and style, and individual responses to a second set of QORAS.  The components are listed here:

  1. Singer’s article
  2. QORAS for “The Singer Solution”
  3. Reynolds’ article (with QORAS attached)

As always, you earned points for effectiveness, especially in collaborative work, and you had the option to augment your scores with additional work — limited a bit, yes, but still an option.  Below, you can load spreadsheets that give your scores by student number.  Augment totals are given, too.

Update: Thanks to some sleuthing by one of your peers, the links below have been fixed.


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