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Orange: Airball


This is my attempt to circumvent our every-other-day schedule through a collaborative, discussion-driven blog.  If you see [MS] in the title of a post, you’ll know that it is directed toward your course, and that it contains an assignment—anything from background reading to a reflection response.  You should continue to visit my main website; it will contain assignment due dates, calendars, and all of the necessary documents for our second semester.

Now to advertising.  On February 23rd, you began a (now protracted) quiz on Baudrillard’s object-value system, which sits at the center of our study of marketing and advertising rhetoric.  You have also (at least ostensibly) read the background on advertising, studied some of the persuasive strategies used, and learned a bit about VALS marketing.  You will now apply the understanding in those links to a few ads from Ads of the World, an online archive of contemporary ads in various kinds of international media.



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