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Ben & Jerry's: Caterpillar

The difference between a single ad and a campaign is more than a matter of numbers.  A campaign is defined, of course, by the use of a consistent style (visual, rhetorical, etc) in a sequence or variety of ads to sell a single product or series of related products.  Each ad builds on or relates to the others, offering you another way to fire the part of your brain that makes connections.  Yet the real distinction is in the how of it.  A single ad needs to grab your attention, hold it for a moment, and leave a lingering desire to respond positively to the ad’s purpose.  A campaign mines the same persuasive vein,  but it has more time and space to develop the message.

You have another reason to pay special attention to these campaigns: This is the kind of creative marketing you will produce as part of your final project for this unit.  You will work alone or in groups to craft a mock campaign for an existing product (or, with my approval, a product you imagine); while the particulars do not need to concern you yet, you can glean a lot of useful approaches from the two campaigns given here.

Of the source for these ads, Ads of the World writes: “The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival is one of the most prestigious advertising awards held in Cannes, France every year in June. 250 jury members judge over 20,000 pieces of the most creative advertising from across the world.”  After the jump, I’ve posted two distinct campaigns that won awards from Cannes Lions.  You should also check out the main archive of 2009 winners; there are some amazing ads there.



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